Westinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer Review

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Westinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer ReviewEditor Rating: 4.6/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Washer pressure is an awesome choice for the people who work in the cleaning shop professionally. When they are used to washer pressure, their work becomes so hurry and perfectly that it saves a lot of time. If you think of purchasing a washer pressure that comes with high power and professional workability, you can surely consider Westinghouse WPX3200. Why WPX3200 washer pressure I collect for you?

Well, you will get all your question answers after reading this content deeply. However, the device is user-friendly and comfortable to use. So, swipe the page below and check out the features so that you can prevent your confusion about this component.

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Specifications of Westinghouse WPX3200

PSI: 3200 PSI

GPM: 2.5 GPM

Fuel tank capacity: 1 gallon

Engine: 212 CC 4-stroke OHV

Gallons of water: 2.5 gallon

Warranty: 3-years

Weight: 63 pounds

Measurement: 21 x 19.5 x 39 inches

Manufacturer: Westinghouse

Best Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure WasherWestinghouse WPX3200 Review – A Quick Look


  • Comes with high PSI facility
  • Work deeply and professionally
  • Strong and won’t stain spray gun
  • Used five quick connect nozzles
  • Heavy-duty gas power function
  • Used advance technology and construction
  • Comes with low fuel consumption fucntion


  • Comes with only gasoline, not used propane

Main Features of Westinghouse WPX3200 Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review

Washer pressure is an important element for deeply clean any kind of space. You can also spray with soap, water, and other things without any issues. However, choosing the right washer pressure is truly tricky enough. If you want to choose high power washer pressure, you must consider the best features and match your requirement. Here I discuss WPX3200 features so that you can make the right decision.

Eco-friendly materials

WPX3200 pressure washer comes with eco-friendly materials; that’s why you can easily use the pressure washer without any safety issues. This unit’s engine is never produced toxic of your air, which is truly harmful to your health. Most of the washer pressure experts think that this washer pressure suitable for any kind of space and never caused any eco-friendly issues.


Let’s jump another step. The power of washer pressure is measured with PSI and GPM (gallon per minute). WPX3200 comes with 3200 PSI and 2.5 GPM. I think this power is enough for you to full-fill your work. You can easily clean or spray the car, RV, hard floor, walls, and any sensitive section with this power. There are couples of work you can do with this pressure washer comfortably.

Gasoline tank

You may already know that gasoline is the only medium that you can operate. However, it comes with a 1-gallon gasoline facility that provides you to run the washer pressure long-time. But the manufacturer doesn’t tell the exact amount of time. According to my experience, you can use at least 7-hours with a fully-loaded tank. I think the power is enough for you to do your work easily.Best Westinghouse Gas Powered Pressure Washer Overview


A high power washer pressure comes with much weight, but this washer pressure does not come with much weight, which made this highly portable. On the other hand, its measurement made this compact unit design that helps you to move one place to another place comfortably easily. There are so many functions you will discover that made this unit highly portable.

Overall, the handlebar and wheels kit allows you to comfortably portable. The wheels are strong enough, and you can easily use its unparalleled land without any complicated issues.


You may be amazed to know about its construction. WPX3200 used a tough steel frame, 12″ high profile, and other accessories that made this unit stable and complete for any washer pressure works. This unit’s engine is most updated, which means you never need to change the fuel frequently. There are couples of advantages you will achieve from this component because of its high-quality constructions.

Extra features

Whatever this pressure washer is able to connect the nozzles without any issues because of its 5 different quick connect systems such as 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees, and soap. On the other hand, the operating system or control panel comes with user-friendly functions that allow you to get high performance. Furthermore, you can easily keep 2.5 gallons of soap water without any complicated issues.

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Overall, don’t forget to compare with other models with safety features. It is compliant with CARB and the EPA to use this component with any kind of space. So, without any government issues, you can use this unit in any kind of place. I hope that you can understand about its safety or security system.

Noise level

Noise is always made the people disturb and de-motivate to work. Though this unit is not clear enough about the noise level, its noise level becomes 50 dBA or less according to my experience. I never found it noisy as a washer pressure. So, you can avoid this section because of its low noise level.

Warranty and technical support

Westinghouse means 3-years limited warranty and technical support. If you are a UK, USA, and Canadian citizen, you can get free service of labor cost, parts cost, and service cost. The manufacturer service people behavior I found very well and effective. So, you can also choose to get the service when you need it without any issues. I hope that the warranty and technical support allows you to use this washer pressure without any fear.

What’s included in the box of Westinghouse WPX3200 3200 PSI Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Oil funnel
  2. User manual
  3. Quick start guide
  4. Tools
  5. Wheels kit
  6. Warranty sheet

Best Westinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer ReviewWestinghouse WPX3200 Pressure Washer Review (FAQs)

Q: Is Westinghouse a good pressure washer?

A: Westinghouse provides its service for a long-time around 150-years. It starts its journey in the USA, and people still believe in this brand. You will get all of the quality features from this brand that helps you to get peach of mind.

Q: Who makes a reliable pressure washer?

A: There are so many brands I found who made a reliable pressure washer. But Westinghouse is top-rated, and very little people found a single issue from this brand.

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Westinghouse WPX3200 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer Customer Reviews

Workability: The Amazon and Walmart users think that it is a high power workability washer pressure. It works professionally because of its quality features and other sections.

Portability: Most people love their portability functions. The wheels, folding handlebar, and lightweight system made this unit highly portable. They are happy to use this unit when they travel to any kind of space.

Cost and features: According to my experience, the price high than its features. One of the users, Lee, told me that it comes with high-quality features, and that’s why it takes some extra money; it does not wrong for him.

Final Verdict!

After analyzing the Westinghouse WPX3200, you may already be aware of this product in each of the sections. In around 50 states in the USA, people use this washer pressure without any issues. One of the biggest features I found from this unit is highly portable and maintains quality features. I hope that information is not complicated for you and already resistant to your confusion. So, without delay, go to Amazon and purchase your desire one right now.

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