Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO SPEC Review – Pros, Cons & Final Thoughts

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Sun Joe SPX9006 PRO Electric Pressure Washer ReviewEditor Rating: 4.0/5

Build Quality

Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO Electric Pressure Washer Review Summary

If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer, of course, you need to collect the best features such as Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO. Sun Joe is a popular name and fame in the tools industry. This pressure washer is one of the best creations for them. Why I choose this pressure washer for you and recommend it without any doubt? Let me explain.

I used this Sun Joe model for a long-time without creating any complicated issues. It is highly portable, durable, provides excellent power. This article will show you the pros and cons and the best features that help you achieve a clear concept about this model.

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Specifications of Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO Review

  Power: Electric

  Brand: Sun Joe

  AMP: 13.5

  PSI: 1300

  Water: Cold

  Power Source: Electric Corded

  Warranty: 2-years

  Weight: 62.3-pounds

  1800 Cleaning Units

  GPM: 2

  Detergent tank capacity: 1-gallon

  Dimensions: 22.32 x 18.26 x 35.43 inches

Best Sun Joe SPX9006 PRO Pressure Washer ReviewSun Joe SPX9006-PRO Pressure Washer Review – Quick Look


  • It is a powerful pressure washer
  • Used durable brushless motor
  • Suitable for medium and heavy-duty task
  • Included 5-quick connect sprays nozzles
  • Maximum rating per CSA test
  • Hassle-free portable one place to the next place


  • A little bit weighty

Main Features of Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO Commercial Pressure Washer Review

When you think about a powerful washer pressure to your regular cleaning task, surely, you need to consider its features. Only product features provide you with a clear concept about the product and help you make the right decision. Within mind, I discuss here the best features of this Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO so that you can hassle-free take a clear connection about this product.

Working power

Every pressure washer creates different pressure; some are low, and some are high. The power of the pressure washer is count with PSI. However, this pressure washer comes with 1300 PSI and 2 GPM. It is not complicated to count for any kind of user. You can work with this power for medium and heavy-duty projects.

With this power, you can hassle-free clean the RVs, car, walls, door, windows, grease, oil, and other harmful and heavy-duty dirt. You can easily clean them without any hassles. Overall, I think you can hassle-free clean any heavy-duty dirt and another harmful element.

Note, when you change the nozzles, the PSI automatically changed. Suppose you use a 0-degrees nozzle that means you use the high-power PSI of this pressure washer. You can also increase and decrease the PSI manually. I hope that the PSI is enough to clean the heavy-duty task.


Sun Joe always provides its user with advanced technology products. They used TSS and whisper-quiet technology, which helps the product use the user comfortably for a long time. When you think about a pressure washer, you may also think about technology for comfortably use. I found it very interesting because of its technology. The technology allows me to use each of the functions comfortably without any noise.Sun Joe SPX9006 PRO Commercial Pressure Washer Review


Durability depends on materials, construction, technology, and others, which you can achieve from this Sun Joe model. This unit used solid and sturdy plastic, which protects your device from any damages. On the other hand, its stainless steel wand and study wheels support you to use for a long-time without making any issues. Most people use this Sun Joe model for around 7-years without any hassles.


This Sun Joe model comes with user-friendly functions that provide me a hassle-free operating system. It has a long-hose, cord, and onboard facility. You can hassle-free connect the hose without using any extra tools of tape. On the other hand, it is simple to use because of its quick-connect nozzles and trigger. If you don’t understand the using method, you can check out a crystal and clear user manual.


Let’s jump to another top-rated method. A pressure washer may need highly portable when you want to use commercially. This Sun Joe comes with all of the materials which are portable except weight. This unit’s weight is too high, unlike the other models such as Sun Joe SPX202E, SPX3000, SPX4000, and others.

Furthermore, it comes with a large wheel size, which is workable in parallel and unparalleled area. You can hassle-free setup the wheels and easily use any kind of place. The wheels are made with strong materials so that you can comfortably use it. Sun Joe always provides its user with strong and large wheels for better performance.

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Overall, you will achieve a strong and soft handlebar, which helps you to push the weight out. It would help if you did not worry about the weight of the product. The wheels and the handlebar reduce the weight when you need to portable this component.

Soap or detergent

You can get from this component, both soap and detergent facilities. This Sun Joe model comes with a 1-gallon detachable detergent tank, which helps you to remove and attach easily. It automatically mixed with the water and provides you detergent or soap facility. Like the other models of Sun Joe, this unit does not allow special soap to expect pressure washer soap.


Sun Joe pressure washer means 2-years limited warranty. You will get 1st class warranty service from the product. The manufacturers behave much better, fast, and effectively. The warranty is included labor cost, service warranty, and another cost, that means you never need to pay any payment to get the warranty service. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about the product warranty and technical support. Overall, you will achieve complete support from the product.

What’s included in the Box of Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO 1300 PSI Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Warranty sheets
  2. Wheels kits
  3. Tools kit
  4. Accessories
  5. And others

Sun Joe SPX9006 PRO Pressure Washer ReviewSun Joe SPX9006-PRO Electric Pressure Washer Review (FAQs)

Q: Can the pump be removed and used as a shelf pressure washer?

A: You can hassle-free remove from the card, but this unit might tip forward. On the other hand, it becomes loud, which is really shucked. So, if possible, you can avoid the removal option.

Q: What is the maximum PSI of this Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO?

A: It is not an exact say. The product description says that it has 1300 PSI. According to my research, I found a maximum PSI 1500, which is enough for me.

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What’s the user say about Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO Motor Electric Pressure Washer?

The Amazon users say that it is built-in quality features and operates noise-free and quickly washing the car without any hassles. On the other hand, Anthony, an Amazon user, says that it is extremely under the power to clean the car without delay. I found this model truly much better to clean my indoor and outdoor tasks without facing any issues.

But some users are really disappointed because of its high weight. They told me that it is truly complicated to move one place to another without wheels. This Sun Joe model is not handy. However, despite this issue, I think it is one of the best deals for you.

Final Thoughts!

Overall, a pressure washer is highly recommended for people who want to do a professional cleaning task. But sometimes they fall a great problem when they come with lots of pressure washer. According to my experience, this Sun Joe SPX9006-PRO is one of the best choices for the person who wants to handle the product easily for a long-time. There are couples of advantages you will achieve from this component.

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