Sun Joe SPX2000 SPEC Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Sun Joe SPX2000 Electric Pressure WasherEditor Rating: 3.8/5

Build Quality

Review Summary of Sun Joe SPX2000 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe has a variety of popular and best-selling pressure washers. Sun Joe designs the pressure washer to make cleaning your outdoor area easier to handle. The Sun Joe SPX2000 is a piece of robust equipment than some of Sun Joe washer pressure. However, the model is able to provide the excellent value of your money.

In this review, you will achieve the pros and cons, specifications, main features, and some other important element which helps you achieve a crystal and clear idea about the product. So, if you are looking for a pressure washer for your task, surely you can go for this SPX2000. Why do I recommend this unit? Let me explain.

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Specifications of Sun Joe SPX2000 Review

  Power: Electric

  Brand: Sun Joe

  AMP: 12.5

  PSI: 1740

  Water: Cold

  Dimension: 13 x 10 x 31.5 inches

  Motor: 1500W

  Weight: 17.4-pounds

  1426 Cleaning Units

  Power Source: Corded electric

  Pump: Axial

  Detergent Tank Capacity: 0.9 gallon

Sun Joe SPX2000 ReviewSun Joe SPX2000 Pressure Washer Review – Quick Guide


  • Easy to move around us
  • Used long power cord and water hose
  • Easy to handle the toughest cleaning task
  • It is a reasonable and valuable product.
  • Used powerful 1500W motor
  • Provides two-year limited warranty


  • The instruction may be toughed for some people.

Main Features of Sun Joe SPX2000 Portable Electric Pressure Washer Review

As with all things, the washer pressure’s value depends on what you want from the product. At the same time, features play an essential role to provide you with the best one. If you want to choose a cost-effective and powerful cleaning system, then you can consider the product features. However, Sun Joe SPX2000 comes with excellent quality features that provide you peach of mind service. So, let’s check out the features below to clear your confusion.

Cleaning Power

The Sun Joe SPX2000 made for the outdoor cleaning job make easy. This lightweight, compact, and water cord electric pressure washer is able to deliver 1740 PSI water pressure. With this component, you can hassle-free clean your patio, lawn, garden, doors, walls, and stairs. Overall, the device is capable of providing 1.59 GPM (gallon per minute).

This washer pressure is powered by a 1500-watt motor that draws 12.5 AMP. It is designed to incorporate the total stop system (TSS) technology that provides maximum pump life. There you can discover a microswitch which provides you easy on and off switch that gives you smoothly run and stop.

Note, you should be aware of its critical time working system. Under typical load, the working pressure is 1150 PSI. If we analysis the PSI of the pressure washer, I will find the small and medium base cleaning task capability.


For easy mobility, this lightweight unit is fitted and rear wheels that allow you highly portable the pressure washer. The device is equipped with a hose holder and a power corded holder. So, you can not hang the product on your hand; you can comfortably carry it with your project materials.Sun Joe SPX2000 Pressure Washer Review

On the other hand, this device has 17.8-pounds weight, which is very light. I found another washer pressure of Sun Joe such as SPX4001, SPX500, SPX2500, and others which come with up to 30-pounds weight. So, you need not fight the weight of this pressure washer, when you use this unit.


This is one of the most crucial factor that you need to consider. However, materials told you that the pressure washer is durable or not. However, Sun Joe SPX2000 comes with strong materials such as plastic frame, stainless steel wand, strong enough cord, and other things that made the component durable. So, before you purchase a washer pressure, you need to consider the best materials.


This is another feature which you should consider. If you see the picture, you may notice that the product looks very simple and compact. User-friendly means you choose a pressure washer, which is easy to handle every step. This Sun Joe comes with a perfect wand, small size for comfortably portable, and others which truly made the component user-friendly.

Soap or Detergent

Safe detergent storage is facilities by a removable 0.34 detergent tank. However, you can not use soap on this pressure washer. So, you should avoid the soap as much as possible. On the other hand, you should focus on the detergent that is correctly diluted before you use it. Like the other Sun Joe pressure washers, you don’t need to mix the water with detergent when you start to work with your project.

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Safety Measure

Now, you already know its pros and cons. Sun Joe SPX200 comes with strong safety such as a trigger lock. The trigger-lock work when you the spray can not engage. On the other hand, you will also discover an automatic shut-off feature which is truly much better than others. Overall, it is tested by CSA, which is also made this component peach of mind and vital safety feature.


However, Sun Joe means two years of limited warranty. So, if you buy this Sun Joe model, you will achieve 2-years warranty and technical support. At the same time, you never need to pay any advance payment to get the service. It is also included labour cost, service cost, and parts cost. So, you don’t need to pay any kinds of money for taking the fast and effective service.

But before you purchase this model, you need to contact the manufacturer for knowing the more information about the model.

What’s included in the Box of Sun Joe SPX2000 1740 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Wheels kit
  2. Cleaning tool and another tool
  3. Warranty Sheets
  4. User manual
  5. Accessories

Best Sun Joe SPX2000 Pressure Washer ReviewSun Joe SPX2000 Electric Pressure Washer  Review (FAQs)

Q: How much does the power washer weight?

A: Don’t worry, it is a lightweight washer pressure. According to the user manual, the product comes with 17.8-pounds. It is lighter than other Sun Joe pressure washer models.

Q: Is a Sun Joe pressure washer costly?

A: So many pressure washers you will achieve on the market which comes from Sun Joe. All are the most popular and top-rated on the market. But you can choose Sun Joe SPX2000, SPX3500, SPX4000, and others model.

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What’s user say about Sun Joe SPX2000 12.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer?

Portability: Around all of the users of this pressure washer happy to use with maximum portability. It comes with a lightweight, perfect wheels, and other things which highly made this unit portable. No one complains that is a non-portable pressure washer.

Durability: When I talked to some users of this component, I found some interesting feature. However, this component comes with strong materials such as solid plastic, strong wheels, stainless steel wand, and other materials. So, when you get the best materials and technology, that means it is able to provide you long-time support.

User-friendly: This Sun Joe model all of the features come with user-friendly option. So, it would help if you never worried a single time when you use the unit. You can also use this unit with any weather conditions.

Final Verdict!

Covering the features, user experience, ratings, and reviews are one of the best solutions to choose the right one. If you are a new person in this sector, it is truly hard enough for you to choose the best one, especially from online. Whatever I try my best to provide you with each of the information of this Sun Joe SPX2000 so that you can hassle-free choose this unit without any hassles.

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