Ryobi RY80940B SPEC Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Ryobi RY80940B Honda Gas Pressure Washer ReviewEditor Rating: 4.0/5

Build Quality

Ryobi RY80940B Honda Gas Pressure Washer Review Summary

If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer, you will choose this Ryobi RY80940B. This pressure washer is so popular because of its several quality features. It does not work like the old school method because the device is used for advanced technology and hassle-free operation function. Ryobi is also a popular name in the tool industry, especially in the pressure washer industry.

Whatever if you want to know the hack about this pressure washer to make your decision clear, surely, you need to read this article top to bottom. So, swipe the page below and check out your desire function so that you can do a perfect investment with this model.

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Specifications of Ryobi RY80940B Review

  Power source: Gasoline

  Brand: Ryobi

  Engine: 187 cc

  PSI: 3100

Water: Cold

  Nozzles: 5-in-1

  Warranty: 3-years

  Weight: 63.5-pounds

  7750 Cleaning Units

  GPM: 2.5

   Pump: Axial Cam

  Dimension: 24.5 x 21.5 x 22.75 inches

Ryobi RY80940B Pressure Washer ReviewRyobi RY80940B Pressure Washer Review – Quick Look


  • Comes with advanced technology and features
  • User-friendly and travel-friendly
  • Instant clean medium and heavy-duty dirt
  • Operate with the low noise level
  • Highly portable one place to another place
  • Long-time supported


  • It is an expensive pressure washer.

Main Features of Ryobi RY80940B Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review

A pressure washer is more than a pressure washer when you choose the strong materials, solid construction, travel-friendly, durable, and other features. Within mind, I discuss here the top-rated features so that you can hassle-free get a clear concept about this unit. I hope that you will also find your desire section from this pressure washer. So, without any hassles, let’s check out the features below.

Cleaning Task

If you think that you need to use the pressure washer for commercial work, this Ryobi pressure washer is suitable. However, it is a gasoline-powered engine pressure washer. It is powered by Honda. The engine is able to produce 3100 PSI and 2.5 GPM (gallon per minute), which allows you to complete the medium and heavy-duty cleaning task.

You may know that the cleaning power counts on PSI. With this PSI, you will clean your car, RVs, walls, wood, concrete, floors, and other harmful dirt. Though some users complain that they can not find the old dirt cleaning method easily, I think it is able to clean but not much instantly.

On the other hand, the PSI you can change manually or via nozzles. Different cleaning tasks need different power, which helps you to get perfect its nozzles. You will achieve 5-in-1 nozzles, which are very helpful for every cleaning task. Yo9u just needs to turn the nozzles, and it automatically works. Overall, you will achieve a complete solution to clean every section whatever you want from this pressure washer.Best Ryobi RY80940B Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review


This is another important section which you need to consider. If you think that you need to carry the pressure washer frequently, I think you should consider a travel-friendly pressure washer like Ryobi RY80940B. This pressure washer provides you every portable section such as wheels, soft gripe handlebar, compact design, and lots so that you can hassle-free portable the product.

This Ryobi comes with a compact design of 24.5 x 21.5 x 22.75 inches, which allows you to portable any kind of space. The measurement helps you to keep the unit a little space in your shop or home. On the other hand, the device is used large and strong wheels, which help you portable the device with any rough place. You will achieve a couple of advantages from this component, which helps you safely travel to any area.


You will discover premium performance from this component. The device hose is easy to connect; you never need any tools or tape to connect the hose. You just need to trigger, and it automatically starts to work. I can not find any noise when I start this component. The TSS or automatic shut-off function is another important feature that helps the model to get high performance.

Overall, the product provides you a comfortable and user-friendly operating system. On the other hand, you never doubt its portable option except for its weight. So, you will get a peach of mind performance or service from this component. So, keep this model in your shop to use any cleaning task without getting any single issues.

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Soap Injection

Like the other model, Ryobi RY141612, Ryobi RY141900, Ryobi RY142300, and Ryobi RY1418MT, this model is also used as an automatic dilution machine. This machine is automatically mixing the water and soap. The water and detergent dilution are 20:1, which is enough to clean any heavy-duty dirt. But you can not use any bleach or special soap on this pressure washer. You can use only pressure washer detergent to get the safe and best performance.

Warranty and privacy

Each of the products has a warranty and privacy; this Ryobi pressure washer is not different from others. You will achieve 3-years limited warranty and technical support with fast and effective support. When you need the replacement warranty service, you need to contact them, and they are ready to provide you the service as soon as possible. They provide the service very fast because of the big community.

On the other hand, you will not pay any extra money to get their service. The service is included labor cost, parts cost, service cost, and others. So, if you fall any single issue, contact them and get your fast and effective service.

What’s included in the Box of Ryobi RY80940B 2.5 GPM Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Warranty sheets
  2. User manual
  3. Hose
  4. Wheels kit
  5. Tools kit
  6. Accessories
  7. And others

Ryobi RY80940B Gas Powered Pressure Washer ReviewRyobi RY80940B Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review (FAQs)

Q: Are Ryobi pressure washer any good?

A: Ryobi is a famous and worldwide brand. They always provide their user with a peach of mind service with the best service and quality features. So, I think Ryobi is a well enough brand.

Q: Who sells Ryobi pressure washers?

A: Ryobi sells its own model. But they hire the engine or motor from Honda. But the majority function is built by them. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

What’s the user say about Ryobi RY80940B 3100 PSI Pressure Washer?

Durability: Users are always satisfied with this Ryobi pressure washer durability function. They find plastic, stainless steel, and other solid construction materials, which is why the model becomes durable. They also think that the model is easily usable in a rough place without any damages issues.

Portability: The users are disappointed because of its weight—the weight they found 63.5-pounds, which is truly heavier for them. But the majority of the users thought the wheels help them to easily portable the device. They find the product in each of the section portables.

User-friendly: The majority of users thought that the product is user-friendly. It is a low noise product. But when they fill up the full tank, it makes some noise. Overall, they easily operate the device.

Final Thoughts!

A pressure washer helps us to clean the medium and heavy-duty dirt easily with saving time. In a busy cleaning, the shop is better to know how important a high power pressure washer. But sometimes it is hard enough for us because we can not be able to find out the best pressure washer from lots of pressure washers on the market. So, to narrow your confusion, check out the upper products to get the best service.

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