Ryobi RY1418MT Portable Electric Pressure Washer Review

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Ryobi RY1418MT Electric Power Pressure Washer ReviewEditor Rating: 4.0/5

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Ryobi RY1418MT Electric Power Pressure Washer Review Summary

The Ryobi RY1418MT is a perfect combination of portable, lightweight, and durable. Especially, its charming looks, wheels, and construction made this unit peach of mind product. So many people also call this component a high power pressure washer. There are couples of advantages you will achieve from this component when you do your cleaning task.

In this article, I will show you the best features, pros, cons, specifications, and customer reviews so that you will comfortably get a clear concept about this unit. Are you ready to break down this best pressure washer for your work? If so, let’s get started with the article right now.

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Specifications of Ryobi RY1418MT Review

  Power: Electric

  Brand: Ryobi

  Motor: 13-AMP

  PSI: 1800

Water: Cold

  2160 Cleaning Units

  Warranty: 3-years

  Weight: 21-lbs


  GPM: 1.2

  Pump: Axial

  Dimension: 20.5 x 12.4 x 12.6 inches

Ryobi RY1418MT Pressure Washer ReviewRyobi RY1418MT Pressure Washer Review –  Quick Look


  • Compact, lightweight, and durable
  • Easy to portable and install a narrow space
  • Able to work any weather condition
  • Comes with three nozzles and detergent spray
  • Provide a perfect ratio of water and detergent
  • Included sprays gun and powerful hose


  • Have not any low energy consumption function

Main Features of Ryobi RY1418MT Portable Electric Pressure Washer Review

There are plenty of quality features you will achieve from this Ryobi electric pressure washer. You may know that an electric pressure washer comes with so many advantages than a gas pressure washer. However, this model provides you 100% satisfied service with a peach of mind features. After reading the main features, you will easily compare other pressure washers and also check out your requirement. So, without talking more, let’s check out the below features.

PSI or Cleaning Power

This is one of the most important features which you need to consider. Ryobi RY1418MT comes with a 13-AMP powerful motor that able to produce 1800 PSI with 1.2 GPM (gallon per minute). With this PSI, you will clean the medium and heavy-duty dirt that provides you with instant service. On the other hand, the PSI is suitable for indoor and outdoor service.

Moreover, you will clean the RV, car, floors, walls, doors, windows, greases, oil, mud, old dirt, and others. But you can not clean the large base cleaning project. I hope that the cleaning feature is suitable for your project.

More importantly, you will achieve 3-different nozzles. The nozzles provide you excellent cleaning task solution. The nozzles are able to clean your car, grease, and another harmful dirt element. When you change the nozzles, the device PSI automatically changes. It would help if you never changed the PSI manually. I hope that the cleaning power is suitable for you.Ryobi RY1418MT 1800 psi Pressure Washer Review


The product is design with compact size and lightweight for highly portable the unit. However, the measurement of this unit is 20.5 x 12.4 x 12.6 inches, which is enough to keep this unit in less space area. It is used as a strong handlebar that provides you with an awesome facility for portable. So, I think the design is perfect for all of the sectors.


No doubt, this model is a durable product that means you will use this unit for a long-time without any issues. However, it is used solid plastic and hardware and used advanced technology for making the model durable—the materials waterproof and weather-proof, which allow you to work with any weather condition. So, I think you should not worry about product durability.

Easy to set up

When you find this onboard unit facility that means the setup process is more than easy. However, you just need to 5-minute for easily set up the model. Connect the hose without using any tapes and plug the electric cord with socket and press on start button that ready to work off your model. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you about this unit set up functions.


When I used this component for my commercial project, I highly found this component portable. The pressure washer comes with 21-lbs weight which is very low and light to portable. On the other hand, the wheels help me to portable the device from one place to another place. So, it is not complicated for you to carry the weight.

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Overall, its compact size, suction cup, and soft handlebar help you to highly portable the device. If you mixed all of the features perfectly, you might see that it is included all of the features for softly portable. So, you can also consider this unit for your commercial use.


It is a less expensive model. The model comes with affordable price but provides high-quality features. If your price, below 200 USD, surely you will consider this component. You should check out it’s all of the features expect the cost because of long-time use and support. I hope that this unit is not much costly for you.


Now let’s check out this Ryobi model warranty and technical support. However, you will find 3-years limited warranty and technical support from this component. The warranty is included labour cost, service cost, parts cost, and another cost. So, you never need to pay any money when you take the replacement service. On the other hand, the product holder behaviour is very well so you can not find a single issue from this component.

What’s included in the Box of Ryobi RY1418MT 1,800 psi Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Hose
  2. Electric power cord
  3. Wheels
  4. Warranty sheets
  5. User manual
  6. Accessories
  7. Tools kit
  8. And others

Ryobi RY1418MT Portable Electric Pressure Washer ReviewRyobi RY1418MT Electric Pressure Washer Review (FAQs)

Q: What is the best Ryobi pressure washer for a car wash?

A: There are lots of pressure washer you will find from Ryobi. However, you can choose the 1800 PSI of power for cleaning your car perfectly. Ryobi RY1418MT provides you 1800 PSI power which is also suitable for a car wash.

Q: Is this item durable?

A: Of course, the model is durable because of its quality features and advance technology. This pressure washer used solid plastic and stable hardware which also able to provide you long-time service.

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What’s the user say about Ryobi RY1418MT 13 AMP Electric Pressure Washer?

Though this model is not much popular as I thought, I collect so many information from the old and new users. Whatever around 73% of people think that it is one of the best models for portability, they find all of the options for highly portable the unit. On the other hand, they find the model low noise level and user-friendly, which helps them to use the pressure washer perfectly.

But some of the users really disappointed because of its product holder service. They complain that the product holder always delays providing the service. According to my experience, the product holder service is truly much better. So, despite this issue, you will discover this pressure washer much better than others.

Final Thoughts!

Ryobi is a popular brand of tools industry. It produces so many pressure washers from long since. The users always satisfied with their service. I found this model Ryobi RY1418MT much better than others. Whatever if you think that you need a durable, lightweight, compact, and portable pressure washer for your commercial use, surely, you will check out this pressure washer. I hope that the information is clear to you remove the confusion.

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