Ryobi RY141812G SPEC Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict

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Electric Power Pressure Washer ReviewEditor Rating: 4.0/5

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Ryobi RY141812G Electric Power Pressure Washer Review Summary

If you are looking for a powerful pressure washer like Ryobi RY141812G, you are coming to the right place. Pressure washer helps us to clean the dirt deeply with a short of time. There are different kinds of dirt we fought regularly. But when it comes to the commercial system, we fall great problems to tackle the business. So, you can solve your problem to choose a powerful pressure washer.

Within mind, I discuss here the top features of this component so that you will clear your concept. So, before you select this pressure washer, you need to know it’s all of the functions so that you can hassle-free take the right decision.

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Specifications of Ryobi RY141812G Review

  Power: Electric Corded

  Brand: Ryobi

  Motor: 13 amp

  PSI: 1800

  Water: Cold

  Detergent tank capacity: 0.25

  Warranty: 3-years

  Weight: 18-lbs

  2160 Cleaning Units

  GPM: 1.2

  Pump: Axial

  Measurement: 17.1 x 12.1 x 12.1 inches

Ryobi RY141812G Pressure Washer Review – A Quick Guide


  • Quietly operate the motor and produce high power.
  • Able to save much energy even continuously work
  • High portable any kinds of space even rough space
  • Used advance features and technology
  • Compact and comes with suction cups.
  • Used perfect 20:1 dilution ratio


  • The user manual is not much clear.

Main Features of Ryobi RY141812G 1,800 psi Electric Pressure Washer Review

When a high power pressure washer comes, that means it comes with so many quality features. Ryobi is not different from them. You will find so many advances featured which made this component much better than others. But you need to check out top to bottom features so that you can hassle-free get a perfect celebration. So, before you purchase this pressure washer for your commercially use, have a look at the below features.


A popular brand pressure washer, like Ryobi provides some extra advantages than a non-popular brand. You will trust the brand because they serve; they’re provided with a peach of mind service. However, this Ryobi comes with excellent quality features that provide you with trust shopping. I hope that you will understand why you need to choose the best brand ever.


You may have a budget. If your budget is not pro, you will need to choose to do proper research. Whatever this model comes with high-quality features and durable service with affordable price. If your budget below $200, you will achieve this portable power pressure washer. When you compare the budget with its feature, you are comfortably provided with your money a great value.Best Ryobi RY141812G 1800 psi Electric Pressure Washer Review

PSI of power

PSI is one of the main factors when you want to choose a pressure washer for your commercial use. However, PSI provides you with the advantage to fast work. This Ryobi pressure washer comes with 1800 PSI with 1.2 GPM, which gives you small, medium, and heavy-duty cleaning task benefits.

It is an electric pressure washer that means you need not apply any oil or fuel regularly. When you choose an electric pressure washer, that means you will find more PSI than a gasoline pressure washer. Whatever it has three included nozzles that provide you with different PSI and cleaning facilities.

When you change the nozzles spray, that means the device automatically changes its PSI. The nozzles cleaning task is included a car, RVs, walls, doors, windows, and others. So, clean your regular dirt job with this PSI and nozzles without any issues. Don’t worry about the electricity because the device is used to advance technology and that’s the way you will get low energy consumption facilities.


This function you should not avoid. The trigger is engaged with the motor and working fine when you press the trigger. But sometimes the trigger is not working, and safety measurement occurs. However, this Ryobi comes with a powerful trigger with the TSS facility. TSS means Total Stop System. When the trigger is not engaged, this function starts to work so that the safety measure does not occur.


It is wise to think that choose a portable pressure washer for commercial use. This Ryobi high power pressure washer comes with powerful and travel-friendly features. You will discover a strong handlebar which is soft and stable. On the other hand, the measurement of this unit is 17.1 x 12.1 x 12.1 inch, which made this compact size and portable it.

But you will not find any wheels for carrying the model. However, it would help if you had no wheels for portable this component because of very lightweight 18-lbs. So many people complain that the wheels they need for a long-time journey project. Despite this issue, I think you will achieve the best travel features of this component.

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Soap Injection

This Ryobi comes with 0.25-gallon detergent tank which is not much huge but able to provide you long-time cleaning process without anymore injection. On the other hand, this equipment used automatic dilution machine that means the water and detergent automatically mixed with this technology. The ratio of water and detergent is 20:1, which you can change when you use the different nozzles. So, it would help if you did not worry about the detergent injection and ratio.


Ryobi means 3-years limited warranty. The warranty comes from Ryobi, and they provide fast and effective service because of their vast man power. The warranty is included in all kinds of cost, such as labour, service, and parts. Note, you can be only able to get the warranty when you fill-fill their terms and conditions. It is not a complicated thing that gets the warranty, so before you purchase this product contact with the manufacturer about the warranty and technical support.

What’s included in the Box of Ryobi RY141812G Portable Pressure Washer Review?

  1. Trigger
  2. Hose
  3. Electric cord
  4. Warranty cards
  5. User manuals
  6. Tools kit
  7. Accessories
  8. And others

Ryobi RY141812G Pressure Washer ReviewRyobi RY141812G Electric Pressure Washer Review (FAQs)

Q: Are Ryobi pressure washer any good?

A: Ryobi is a popular brand and provides its user 100% satisfaction. They used to advance technology and quality features so that the users get quality service.

Q: Is Ryobi pressure washer costly?

A: I think not so. When you want to choose a high power pressure washer with a popular brand, you may need to pay a little amount of money. According to my experience, you will get the best Ryobi pressure washer under $200.

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Ryobi RY141812G 13 amp Electric Pressure Washer Customer Reviews Analysis

This powerful model comes with high reviews and ratings. However, different people provide a different opinion. The majority of users told me that it is a quality, compact, and durable pressure washer. More importantly, they love their portable features because of its low weight and soft grip handlebar. There are couples of advantages they find from this component.

I found some different opinion such as lacking wheels. It does not use any wheels. Moreover, sometimes people thought that it is not suitable for the heavy-duty cleaning task. According to my experience, it is portable, user-friendly, durable, and able to clean heavy-duty dirt.

Final Verdict!

Overall, a high power pressure washer always provides you instant cleaning service like Ryobi RY141812G. Ryobi is a popular brand, and this model is one of the best creation. You will use this component for a long-time without any major issues. Whatever if you are looking for the best pressure washer under 200 USD, surely you will check out this model for your commercial use. I hope that the articles help you a lot to take the right decision.

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