Best Pressure Washers For Windows in 2021 – (Buyer’s Guide)

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Pressure Washer For WindowsDirty windows can make your home get a lousy image and maintaining them might require more muscle when you use a rag or a small window cleaning spray whether you are performing some essential home cleaning maintenance or prepping the windows prior to repainting the edges, getting a pressure washer to clean off the dirt, dust, debris, and grime.

Pressure washer for windows is a powerful tool which needs a bit of understanding before using it. You need to know its technicalities, capacity, nozzles, power input, and the like, especially if you’re a first timer.

It’s also vital you get to know the different features and models available to buy. Here I’ll be discussing this and much more, so, let jump right to it.

Top 6 Best Pressure Washers For Windows in 2021

1. Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure WasherMy list opener is the powerful Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer. It’s a portable, lightweight machine that combines power and performance under pressure.

It’s designed to handle all the easiest and the most robust home, auto, and outdoor cleaning tasks with ease. Among the thing that makes this model powerful is the reliable motor allowing it to provide 2030 PSI pressure at 1.76 GPM water flow.

What makes it ideal for cleaning the windows? Apart from its power, it’s fitted with an extra-large onboard detergent tank which provides the strength to blast out any dirt or grime on your windows and other parts of the house. It features a long extension spray wand and durable rear wheels which provide excellent maneuverability and easy access to the hard-to-reach areas.


  • Automatic Total Stop System
  • Powerful heavy duty motor
  • quick and easy clean-up
  • Built-in gun holder
  • CSA approved
  • Onboard reel


  • Little detergent tank

2. Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure WasherThe next best pressure washer for windows is the well performing Greenworks GPW1501 Electric Pressure Washer. The first thing I loved about this pressure washer is the fact that it offers a variety of tools needed for all your window cleaning work done efficiently and quickly.

The Greenworks GPW1501 operates quietly allowing you to do your cleaning without disturbing the house residents. It comes with a turbo nozzle which delivers powerful stream for those tough stains around the windows. Its quick-connect tips allow you to get started and interchange them in no time.


  • Long GFCI protected the power cord
  • M22 Universal Threaded Twist
  • High-pressure hose
  • Quick connect tips
  • Soap applicator


  • Small detergent tank
  • Only two nozzle tips

3. SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 Gas Pressure Washer

SIMPSON Cleaning PowerShot PS3228 Gas Pressure WasherNext up is one of my favorite gas powered pressure washer, the SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 Powershot. The reason this model outperforms other models is the fact that its running power comes from the powerful, reliable Honda GX200 engine. With its 3300 psi and a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, this model is ideal for many cleaning tasks, including window cleaning.

With it being a gas powered, reliable, and portable pressure washer, you can use it to clean the campsite windows or even your RV while camping. The reliable AAA industrial type triplex pump together with the five quick connect nozzles, the spray gun, and the abrasion resistant hose, window cleaning will now be fast and full of fun.


  • Industrial triplex plunger pump
  • Welded steel construction frame
  • MorFlex non-marring hose
  • PowerBoost Technology
  • Commercial engine


  • Quite loud
  • A bit heavy

4. EXCELL EPW2123100 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

EXCELL EPW2123100 Gas Powered Pressure WasherMy next model is the EXCELL EPW2123100 Gas Powered Pressure washer. The machine is designed to equip you with the power to clean your window off the dirt and grime. It can also tackle other homes, auto, and outdoor cleaning tasks. Its power comes from the reliable, powerful 212cc Excell OHV engine that is gas powered.

I was impressed by the five quick-connect nozzle tips and a long hose which make the window cleaning task a breeze. Its heavy-duty roll cage frame ensures that its vital components are protected from damage. The unit also features onboard hose storage which I admit is ideal at keeping the hose with the model all the time.


  • Powerful EXCELL OHV gas engine
  • Ergonomic rust resistant wand
  • Axial style BRASS HEAD pump
  • Quick connect nozzle tips
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Low profile frame


  • Noisy
  • Expensive

5. AR Annovi AR383SS Reverberi Pressure Washer

AR Annovi Reverberi AR383SS Pressure WasherThe next position goes to the great AR Annovi Reverberi AR383SS pressure washer. It comes as a portable cleaning machine the uses a powerful 1.5HP motor and a tri-axial pump.

The two operate to provide 1900psi water pressure at 1.3 GPM, making it ideal for cleaning autos, windows, garages and much more. With it being an electrically powered unit, it requires no gas and virtually no maintenance needed.

The machine provides reliable and portable unmatched cleaning power transportable to any place that needs cleaning. It comes with all the necessary accessories to have the job done. With its onboard hose reel and the gun holder, this unit keeps everything with it for the next cleaning project.


  • Long durable high-pressure hose
  • Quick connect hose adaptor
  • Onboard Detergent tank
  • Auto-Reset GFCI module
  • Long power cord


  • The detergent tank size could be better

6. NXG-2200 Power Pressure Washer Electric Pressure Washer

Power Pressure Washer NXG 2200The list close with the powerful NXG-2200 Power Pressure Washer. It’s an electric next generation pressure washer that provides reliable cleaning power and at an ultra-low sound. Its powerful 14.5amp pump offers 2200psi water pressure at 1.76 GPM, which I would say is more than enough for window cleaning.

Its lightweight, portable design with two large all-terrain wheels allows you to get portable power transportable wherever you need it. The use of induction technology employed on its motor generates less heat and need less current, thus making higher power than those universal brushed motors.

Another feature you will love is the Total Stop System, which senses water flow inside the pump and turns it off when the trigger is disengaged, thus extending the pump life.


  • Latest technology and design
  • High-tech induction motor
  • Total Stop System
  • Long power cord
  • Low sound level


  • Tiny detergent applicator

Pressure Washer For Windows: Buying Guide

Different manufacturers make the pressures washers in the list above, and that means they have different construction and features. That is the reason you need to be kept while making your selection. The factors below will help you make an ideal choice.

Gas or electric

Do I buy an electric pressure washer or a gas powered one? What is the difference? Gas models run on gasoline. They are designed to handle the stringent cleaning and be used in remote areas where there is no electricity. One thing you need to note, they cannot be used indoors as they produce poisonous exhaust gases.

Electric, on the other hand, are compact, portable models that work on electricity. For them to work, you will need to connect them to an outlet. They are mostly used for home cleaning. They can be utilized both outdoors and indoors safely. Make your choice depending on your preference and your place of cleansing.


Window cleaning does not need high pressure. For home windows cleaning you will need something below 3000 psi. But you can also use powerful than that but hold the gun a bit far from the windows. It’s best you buy a robust model that you can for other tasks around your home.


When cleaning your window, there is one nozzle you need to avoid altogether, the zero degrees narrow tip. Its power is focused on a single beam which can break your window glasses. I recommend you go with 40 to 65 degrees full spray tips.

Detergent tank

At the time the cleaning needs an extra soup touch to blast out the sticky grim and the stubborn dirt. That is the reason I recommend you pick a model that has an onboard detergent tank or a removable one. Also, check its capacity. If you have lots of windows to clean, then pick the biggest, and if it’s a small home cleaning, then you can go with any size so long as you be ready to refill it time to time.


Most of the time, you will find yourself wanting to move the pressure washer from one area to another. For instance, while cleaning the back windows, or when storing it. It’s therefore vital that you pick a model that you can transport easily. A model with a handle and wheels will be much better.

Best Pressure Washers For Windows (FAQs)

Q: Is it safe to use hot water with a pressure washer?

A: No, window cleaning requires cold water not more than 100°F. Hot water can cause breakage to the window glasses or permanent damage to the pressure washer pump.

Q: Can I use bleach with my pressure washer?

A: No, bleach isn’t safe for pressure washer. Bleach can cause permanent damage to the pressure washer pump, hose, gun, and nozzles or your windows. You need to use only window cleaning soap.


When making your selection, measure your options, compare them carefully, for you to pick the right one. Consider the products features and your cleaning needs compatibility before making your choice. Ensure that the model you choose falls under your budget.


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