How to Rebuild a Pressure Washer Pump?

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How to Rebuild a Pressure Washer PumpOne of the most crucial parts of a pressure washer is the pump. It works in regulating the water flow and allows the unit to work as needed. With the pressure washer pump malfunctioning, you will be storing a piece of junk in your garage, and it’s a common thing among most pressure washer owners.

The big problem among most of them is not knowing how to rebuild a pressure washer pump. Luckily for you, that won’t be the case anymore. This post will share with you certain tips and steps on how you can do it yourself. Read along!

How to Rebuild a Pressure Washer Pump: Systematic Guide

Now that you know you can salvage your broken pressure washer that you’ve been keeping in your storage, are you excited? This guide offers you a systematic procedure on how you could save yourself some bucks by rebuilding the pressure washer pump. Follow the following steps to troubleshoot and fix any issues related to the pressure washer pump and return it to its normal operating system. Let’s dive right in!

Step 1: Check the Warranty Period

Is your machine warranty period over? Check your warranty document to make sure it is not under warranty. The majority of the pressure washers come with a one or 2-year warranty. If the warranty still covers your unit and it malfunctioned by itself, you could take it back to the manufacturer to fix it for you. If you’re unsure of the warranty, you can contact the customer care support for the details. The process is probably long, but worth it in the long run. If the warranty period is over, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Troubleshoot

Your next step is to figure out the cause of the pressure washer pump problem. The troubleshooting will help figure out the exact part of the washer pump that needs fixing.

Low Water Flow

If your pressure washer is losing power or it is not as powerful as it used to be, there could be dirt or debris clogging the pipes, or your unit might be having a faulty connection to the water source. You might want to inspect the water intake valve and the filter screens. Make sure everything is clean; no blockage or clogging. You may also want to look at other valves and O-rings to ensure no signs of leakage.

Zero Water Flow

If the water flow is completely zero, this is a clear indication your pressure washer pump is faulty. The water gets in, but no water gets out. The engine is running, but no water is flowing out of the gun. If this the case, you’ll have to shut the pressure washer down and start the repair process.

Step 3: Siphon the Oil

Use an oil siphon to remove all the walls from the pressure washer pump and get rid of it. While removing it, check the quality; if the oil is cloudy, there is water in it, which is never good. Once you’re done siphoning all the oil, replace it with new, uncontaminated oil. Remember to use the right oil for your unit. Read the customer manual for more info.

Step 4: Prime Your Pressure Washer

On the side of your pressure washer is a primer; use it to try and prime the pump. If there no improvement in the water flow, you need to disconnect the discharge hose. Also, bleed the pressure washer to release any air trapped in the pump and reconnect the discharge hose. Once you’re done, try it again; restart the pressure washer.

Step 5: Clean the Chemical Strainer

When your pressure washer has a clogged strainer, the problem won’t only be with the poor performance, but you might also hear a clattering noise that sounds like the pump is broken. It’d help if you clean it. Cleaning the chemical strainer requires you to unscrew it from the hose. After this, you will need to run water through it and use a small brush to clean the debris clogging it. You can now reinstall it back to the hose. If the pressure washer is still having performance issues, maybe it’s time to replace the pressure washer pump.

Final Thoughts

A pressure washer is one of the most versatile equipment you can have in your home. However, like other machines, it’s prone to breaking down with some part requiring more attention than others. When a pressure washer fails, it does cause frustration that might force you to store it in your garage and forget about it. Now that you know how to rebuild a pressure washer pump and have a post on replacing it, it’d be best you exhaust your options before you can buy a brand new unit.

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