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How to Adjust Pressure on Pressure Washer Pump?

How to Adjust Pressure on Pressure Washer PumpAs you well know, a pressure washer is a handy machine that never disappoints during cleaning when it’s in good condition. It will help you clean all the stubborn dirt that has refused to feel the force or aggressiveness of a brush, soap and a rug.

But when there is a problem with the unit, it becomes tough to handle the washing properly. There could be multiple reasons why that could be happening. The pressure pump could be having pressure issues; the valves might be having problems or even pipe damages. It can also be that the nozzle has dirty particles that interfere with the pipe.

So, what is it? Is it something to do with low pressure? Does it require you to adjust the pressure inside the pump? If so, do you know how to adjust pressure on pressure washer pump? In this post, I will take you through some insights on what to do adjust the pressure. Read along!

How to Adjust Pressure on Pressure Washer Pump

You need first to understand the cause of the problem. The first step is to check if there is any dirt piled up on the side of the pressure washer pump. If there is, then that might be the cause. Dirt piled up on the pump could lower the pressure and thus reducing the effectiveness of your pressure washer. That calls you to wash the pressure washer pump before you move to the next step. Check if the pressure has normalized. If nothing is working, then that’s not the problem.

The next step is to work on the motor valve to ensure it’s set right. The unloader valve might not be appropriately adjusted, or it might not be working right. You need to test it by adjusting it in and out while you observe the pressure on your pressure gauge. Make sure the pressure gauge never reads above your pressure washer operating pressure or you might damage the pump. If the pressure adjustment at this point is reasonable, you have solved the problems.

If it’s not adjusting, then you have to replace the unloader valve. Before you engage yourself in this task, know that it’s quite dangerous for you and risky for the machine. You might hurt yourself or even damage your unit.

With that said, you can get the right and recommended replacement. Shut off the pressure washer and bleed it of all the pressure and air. When done, use the right spanner to open the loader and replace it. When done, bleed the unit again by running water through the inlet out through the high-pressure valve. That will make sure there is no air remaining in it.

How to adjust pressure on pressure washer pump isn’t only dependent on the pump itself and the unloader valve. If you need more or less pressure, you can adjust your nozzle angel and also manage the spraying pattern. For that, you should hold the nozzle from a distance to get the ideal uniformity and broader angle if you need it.

You can also clean or change your spray nozzles. Setting the right operating pressure on your pressure washer pump and interchanging the nozzles can help achieve the ideal pressure. Yes, this has nothing to do with the pressure pump, but it should ensure you avoid damages that can be caused by you using high washing pressure.


A pressure washer pump is the heart of a pressure washer machine. It’s the unit that delivers the much-needed cleaning force to get you through the cleansing process. If the pressure is more or less, then you won’t achieve the performance you have been looking for from the pressure washer. The unloader valve is designed to adjust the pressure inside the pressure washer pump while the different nozzle sizes help regulate the spray gun pressure. Remember that. And that’s precisely everything you need to know on how to adjust pressure on pressure washer pump.

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